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Residential Real Estate

Netconstruct Nigeria Limited is an indigenous, foremost real-estate development Company in Nigeria. Established in May 2001, Netconstruct Nigeria Limited’s scope of business revolves around real estate, construction, facilities management, water treatment and property renovation across Nigeria.

Netconstruct Nigeria Limited is renowned for developing models of excellence in real estate and has been developing and accomplishing these dreams in relation to housing and hospitality business for over ten (10) years.

We constantly exceed our clients’ expectation through the provision of quality and affordable housing. Our team of seasoned professionals and our constant quest for excellence has made us a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Our focus is our clients / customers.

Real Estate Services:

Project Development

Feasibility & Viability Report

Project Management

Facility Management

Founded in 2010, Vale FMC has developed a reputation of being the go- to residential facility management service provider of choice. This has resulted in rapid growth and an improved profile.

We have a collective passion for ensuring your living experience is all that you expect it to be; we take care of those niggling distractions that tend to distract you from enjoying your home and workplace.

We constantly strive to provide services at excellent value with minimized downtime and rapid response times being a priority for us. This way we ensure proper service delivery at all times, and create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for you.

With staff strength of about 200 employees, we manage a portfolio of just under 3,000 occupied residences with a total net value of 45 Billion Naira (circa $280 million USD).

Project Management

We partner and support project owners in the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from planning to completion. Our goal is always to deliver value for our client’s real estate development projects in an innovative, effective, and efficient manner.

Our scope of project management activities includes all our real estate development activities i.e. feasibility analysis, site acquisition, designs (architectural and engineering), obtaining permits and approvals, construction management, and marketing of the properties.

Our project management are designed to support our client in delivering on every aspect of the client’s project.

Production of Liquid Nitrogen

N2Energy is an Oilfield Service company primarily involved in the production and sale of Liquid Nitrogen(LN2), and providers of LN2 related services to the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

Our Services

-Production and Sales of Liquid Nitrogen
-Cryogenic Tank Vacuuming and maintenance
-Oil & Gas Services
-Leak Testing
-Hydro Testing
-Nitrogen Purging

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